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Ear protector
Ear protector
Ear protector

Ear protector

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Ear protector Adjustable and Two colours available

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¿Are you handeling long hour shifts lately with mask and PPE too?

We've got the solution for you, the capacity of making your shifts easier is in our hands, in this case, making you free from the presión of the mask in your ears.

This new system is made to carry it bahind your head where you Will hold the two end sides of the mask as you can see in the photo, ¿best thing? They are adjustable, not just for different sises of heads or mask but to adjust them from now and then soy your head doesn't get used to the same preasure.

The insdie part of the ear protector holds litle rounded cushions made of the same material so they soften up the brush on your backhead as well as 4 levels to adjust it to the perfect size.

¡¡¡ Ypu can't miss it!!!

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