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Microbe Giant teddy - HPV

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Microbe Giant teddy - HPV

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HPV - Human Papilloma Virus

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Ladies and gentlemen...you have before you a genuine star.

HPV is a virus directly related to the emergence of cancer!! No one believed that it could be a direct relationship between infectious diseases and the emergence of neoplastic cells...but this young gentleman has disassembled the theory.

The Human Papillomavirus, normally, bug is fairly harmless, causing small verrugitas in the extremities, which just about survives in a healthy immune system, and that it dies with a simple pomadita...but, sometimes, it is the strong and manages to infect the woman provokes the appearance of cancer of the cervix.

What solution? There is a vaccine for the very young, and for the rest, a annual smear test to discard their presence. Again, prevention is the best weapon.

The stuffed animals represent tiny microbes enlarged a million times.

  • The dolls measure between 13 and 18 cm, depending on the model.
  • Each microbe comes with a real picture of your view of the microscope.
  • Manufactured with polyester.
  • Washable with water and mild soap.
  • In compliance with regulations of child safety in toys.
  • CE marking


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