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Microbe Giant teddy - Rubella Virus

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Microbe Giant teddy - Rubella Virus

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Rubella Virus: Rubella

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Rubella is very serious during pregnancy, and in the first few weeks of life.

If you're faced with it when your immune system is able to cope with it...probably not pass a small red rash on face, arms, and chest, accompanied by fatigue, widespread, fever, headache, joint pain and passenger (does not usually last more than 3 days). It is something like a flu, dotted with pimples.

Anyway, even this mild form of the disease should not you, as there is effective vaccine against this disease since 1969.

Although the cause is completely different to that of the measles (that is illness), as the symptoms can be similar...for a time he was known as "the German measles" (because the virus was identified by German doctors in the 1880s).

The stuffed animals represent tiny microbes enlarged a million times.

  • The dolls measure between 13 and 18 cm, depending on the model.
  • Each microbe comes with a real picture of your view of the microscope.
  • Manufactured with polyester.
  • Washable with water and mild soap.
  • In compliance with regulations of child safety in toys.
  • CE marking


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