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Microbe Giant teddy - Trichophyton Mentagrophytes (athlete's foot)

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Trichophyton Mentagrophytes: athlete's foot

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The ancient athletes running barefoot, and it was believed that the "athlete's foot" was caused by insect bites (in Latin terms is called tineas pedis or larva of the foot). But nothing more far of the reality: the cause of those annoying eruptions, of the skin, quarter, and chop what you have a fungus. And not just any fungus: in particular Trichophyton Mentagrophytes.

But of course the Trichophyton Mentagrophtytes not only lives in the feet of the athletes: it is the fungus most common of the skin and almost 70% of the population will suffer at some point in their life. Running shoes closed and socks wet are a "spa" delicious for this microorganism. And it is very contagious, so you don't walk barefoot in the showers of the gym or the pool and always that the go get flip flops!.

The stuffed animals represent tiny microbes enlarged a million times.

  • The dolls measure between 13 and 18 cm, depending on the model.
  • Each microbe comes with a real picture of your view of the microscope.
  • Manufactured with polyester.
  • Washable with water and mild soap.
  • In compliance with regulations of child safety in toys.
  • CE marking


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