Personalised Men's Fleece Jacket

Do you ever find yourself feeling chilly in just your nursing scrubs? Ever wished for a little warmth while on duty in the winter months? Looking for something that looks professional but can be warn over your uniform to keep you toasty warm? Enfermanía has your back, check out our customisable men's fleece jacket.

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These fleece tops are ideal for winter shifts, while working in lower temperature areas and for those days when you have duties beyond the hospital or simply need to pop out to grab a sandwich. They are designed to fit like a glove without restricting movement, stretching to accommodate movement in a way that some other stiffer jackets do not allow.

Designed especially for the healthcare industry, our men's fleece jackets can be easily thrown on over uniform to accommodate colder areas or shifts without looking dressed down, maintaining the all important professional look.

We recommend considering choosing one size up from your normal measured chest size. This slightly loose fit makes it easier to wear over existing uniform and ensures freedom of movement that could be impeded if warn too tight.

With a wide range of colours available, there is something for everyone. White, blue, pink, different shades of grey... take your pick! Keep an eye out for new products as we are always adding new colours and ranges. We also love feedback from our customers, so and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see a colour you are looking for or have any other product suggestions.

The best thing about our fleece jackets? They are personalised! Customised with graphics and text to best suit your role and tastes, this means you and your position are not only easily identified, but there will never be any doubt that this jacket is yours! Two areas of customisation are available. On the back we can add a print including a specific job title and logo or other schematic graphic to identify the body you work with. We are, for example, able to add specific motifs for different practices, such as physiotherapy and veterinary staff. A name or other similar text can then also be added to the front of the jacket, where is can be seen at a glance. You don't want your name? No problem, simply let us know your preferred text.

All embroidery on our personalised men's fleece jackets is of the highest quality and will readily withstand washing and heavy use. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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