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The matching case transports and keeps your stethoscope safel in an elegant way.

The  semi rigid sleeves keep  your stethoscope safe from dust, moisture, any shock and vibrations.

It also has a pocket of rack to carry out any personal items.

The pack contains a Spirit M601DPF stethoscope  and a case matching the color.

About the sthetoscope:

Its Head is single-sided and designed to facilitate the grip and use.

Dual-frequency Membrane: able to hear any high or low frequency varying slightly the pressure exerted on the hood.

Excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fitting with the supersoft eartips.

The Spirit M601DPF stethoscope, with its durable and light weight design, offers an acoustic performance, very reliable and a very versatile light-weighted product.

The resilient tube of the latest generation retains its shape and flexibility. Prolongs the life of the stethoscope because it offers a greater resistance to alcohol, grease skin and stains.


Two spare pairs of eartips

ID Tag 

Latex free

Breastplate piece is made of aluminium

Total weight 120gr

Non chill ring


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