Stethoscope Littmann Classic III
Stethoscope Littmann Classic III
Stethoscope Littmann Classic III
Stethoscope Littmann Classic III

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Stethoscope Littmann Classic III

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Double membrane (adult + pediatric)


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Double head with membranes of double frequency both side for adult patients as well as in the side for pediatric patients (the side for pediatric patients becomes a hood open traditional when replacing the membrane of a single piece by a ring quitafríos).

The small hood is useful for pediatric patients, small, or thin, areas taped or assessment of the carotid.

The fonendoscopio 3M Littmann® Classic III is the more modern version of Stethoscope that helps millions of medical professionals to provide the best care. It offers a high sensitivity acoustic that provides optimum performance, plus a versatile hood of two sides with membranes of double frequency. Both students and health professionals use the fonendoscopio Classic III to identify, listen to and study heart sounds, lung and other sounds body to perform physical examinations, monitor patients and offer diagnoses.

The membrane of the dual frequency allows you to listen to sounds of different frequencies by simply adjusting the pressure exerted on the hood. Hold the bell lightly to hear low-frequency sounds and puts a little more pressure to hear high-frequency sounds.

The resilient tube of the latest generation retains its shape and flexibility even after storing it in the pocket rolled-up and compressed. Prolongs the life of fonendoscopio thanks to that it offers a greater resistance to alcohol, grease skin, and stains.


* Head of stainless steel
* Latex free
* Total weight 150
*Non-chilli ring in both bells
* Membrane adults Ø43mm
* Membrane pediatric Ø33mm

MADE IN USA - 5 years warranty -

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