Ampoule Opener Snap-It - LITE
Ampoule Opener Snap-It - LITE

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Ampoule Opener Snap-It - LITE

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Made of ABS resin very slight - SEE EXPLANATORY VIDEO

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A very useful tool in your daily work.

[email protected] we have hurt sometimes opening blisters that break open and cause small cuts and wounds on the fingers. This is a risk very important for all the Nursing staff, because it leaves the door open to infections and infections.


The Snap-It is a revolutionary invention that ensures your security when you open any type of blisters (Pocket Size - valid for ampoules of 1cc, 2cc, 5cc, 10cc and 15cc).

Capture, short, and retains the capsule of glass cut to the dispose of in the container, with all security (if you cannot see the video click here).

It has a practical format that allows you to wear it comfortably in your pocket.
Easy to disassemble and clean, with rubber ring to replace.

New edition "Lite", built in tough ABS, more lighter and economic.

THIS PRODUCT HAS RECEIVED SEVERAL INTERNATIONAL AWARDS for THE BEST INVENTION OF SANITARY SAFETY (honorable Mention ISIPS 2008 International Sharps Injury Prevention Award ’ Winner INNOVIC'S La Salle Matrix Thinking Award 2008 ’ people's choice Award best invention New Inventors ABC 2007 Australia)

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