Hand sanitizer - Sterillium (Lot.442530)

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Hand sanitizer - Sterillium (Lot.442530)

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Liquid - 100 ml

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Antiseptic for healthy skin.

  • Alcohol-basedhand disinfectant
  • Texture liquid.
  • Bactericide, fungicidae, tuberculicide andvirucide (enveloped and non-enveloped viruses).
  • Rapid onset of actionandfast drying (just pour a small amount of liquid in the hollow of one hand and rub both hands, stirring the liquid).
  • Residue-free and fragance-free
  • It is not aggressive with your hands (cares for and protects the skin thanks to its emollient).
  • Ideal size for carrying in your pocket or first aid (100ml).
  • The liquid, spread out more than the gel. Enough 3ml to get total effectiveness.

Do not forget to bring one in your first aid kit or next to the material for addresses and offsets.

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