Lanyard triple function

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Lanyard triple function

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Lanyard + Ring + Retractable


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The lanyard multifunctional and indispensable for your work.

Three pieces on a single, pluggable and fully functional separately:

  1. Lanyard of thick rope, with safety clip in the neck -unbuttons automatically to a strong traction, in order to avoid snags in the neck-. Adjustable thanks to the piece hex which adjusts the lanyard to the desired extent.
  2. Ring metal subject to a clip swivel on the main body (the part that attaches the lanyard to the retractable). Slip-through clip, can be attached to the lanyard or use it separately. Very useful to free it from the lanyard and use it, for example, as a keychain or porta-magnetic card. So take the keys or the card always with you, and you'll be able to use them freely dropping them from the rest of the mechanism.
  3. Retractable type yo-yo plastic, with metal clip for use individually holding the device in any pocket or lapel. Resistant nylon cord extendable to 60 cm, With snap fastener (bracket), ideal to carry your tweezers or scissors (or the card, if you prefer).

A perfect solution to bring it all together, and you can use it separately.

So you won't lose anything, and you will have it always at hand, with total security.

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