cotton tote bag for nurses
heart tote bag
tote bag for nurses

Nursing Tote bag Canvas - Organs

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Tote Bag for nurses with beautiful printings.

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  • Amarillo pálido
  • Verde claro


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Don't you have a tote bag in your closet? Is your moment!

We are a big fan of cloth bags and we almost always carry one everywhere. It's worth it to carry your day-to-day things and it doesn't give up either by bearing the weight of the purchase and whatever comes up on the way home. Also, of course, to go to work or class.

A fresh and modern design with a beautiful print to choose from with the one that best suits your style, in line with the rest of the Enfermanía products so that you can match it at all times! It is an exclusive design, comfortable and with the necessary capacity in which you will be able to carry with you your clogs, tupperware, organizers and anything else you need for work shifts.

It has a top zipper, an internal zippered pocket and a strap with a carabiner to keep your keys or whatever you want always close at hand.

Don't stay without it!

Made of 100% cotton

Mesures 37x40x14 cm

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