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Otoscope KaWe conventional lighting -...
Otoscope KaWe conventional lighting -...

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Otoscope KaWe conventional lighting - Sand

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Otoscope PICCOLIGHT C - conventional Lighting

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The economic choice of KaWe
Lightweight and pocket-sized.
Originality and quality in a single product.

* Lens threefold increase swivel.
* Optimal brightness
* Light bulb vacuum of 2.5 V.
* Head ergonomic
* Lightweight and durable.
* With clip to adapt to any pocket, or a gown.
* Includes carrying case textile with velcro closure.
* Includes 10 cones (funnels, disposable Ø2.5 and 4.0 mm).


2 years warranty against all manufacturing defect (the warranty does not include breakage or wear of the bulb or the batteries).

WE stock spare PARTS FOR ALL THEIR PARTS (cones, disposable, handles, bulbs and heads) as WELL AS OF HEADS TO TURN YOUR SCOPE IN an OPHTHALMOSCOPE.

(Works with 2 AA batteries), NOT INCLUDED

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