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Roll holder adhesive tape S3
Roll holder adhesive tape S3

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Roll holder adhesive tape S3

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To place in the fonendo

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Novel product imported from the U. S. A.

Bring the tape to hand is always a problem, often solved with ingenious adaptations in our uniform.

This problem no longer exists!!

The roll holder for tape S3 is placed in the piece "And" del fonendoscopio, allowing you to always have it to hand and be able to use it without problems.

Instructions for placement and use:

  1. Slide the S3 through one of the headphones metal of the stethoscope and pull up the rubber tube (the part in "And").
  2. With a screwdriver (or a pair of scissors blunt tip), turn the thread black and keeps the S3 securely attached to your stethoscope.
  3. Slide the roll of tape through the headset of your fonendo (like you did to put the S3) until it locks in place. To change the roll, simply squeeze the tabs on the S3, it extracts the empty roll and replace it with a new one.

Easy, simple and ingenious.


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