Leather Clog Washable Wash'Go - Flowers
Leather Clog Washable Wash'Go - Flowers

Leather Clog Washable Wash'Go - Flowers

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Washable in washing machine at 30ºC

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The clog Wash'Go is the perfect solution for those who are fed up with the rubber, or for the ones that preffer the comfort and smoothness of the leather.

Because it combines the best of both materials: smooth as only the natural skin can be, and easy to clean as the plastic materials.

All this without giving up the most demanding requirements for the professional footwear:



Impact absorption


With adjustable strap

Manufactured in soft natural leather, with lining microfiber midsole and PU (polyurethane, very light, flexible and resistant).

They are soft, light weighted and with removable insole. They ensure a perfect fit thanks to their elastic belt loops.

Shovel-sealed for added safety in order to avoid any fluid, but 100% breathable thanks to the natural skin.

With a very pleasant touch for your microfiber lining.

You read that right...you can wash them in washing machine up to 30 º c and it'll be as new as the first day!!

Take advantage and get the more innovative proffesional shoes.

Made in Portugal

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