Personalised Women's Fleece Jacket

It can be cold in a place of work, yet you are expected to be dressed professionally. The majority of medical and nursing uniforms are not the warmest of attire and can leave you feeling the chill, especially in the winter months. These snug fleece jackets are the perfect solution to overcoming those moments on or between wards, or when out dealing with emergencies when you need that extra layer. Light yet cozy. Easy to clean, yet when embroidered with one of the many stylish motifs, smart and professional looking. Choose from a selection of embroidered designs, each reflecting a medical discipline, then, for identification, include a name (or any other text) to be professionally stitched on the front panel. An excellent way of letting patients and other staff know who you are and making sure a misplaced top always makes it way back to you.

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The Enfermanía personalised women's fleece jackets are perfect for those winter shifts on cold wards, and for when you have to leave the hospital buildings. Some fleece jackets are known to restrict movement of arms and shoulders. With this in mind, Enfermanía designed these tops so that they do not inhibit movement, ensuring they do not impede your ability to move freely at work. Enfermanía also understand how difficult it can be to stay warm and comfortable while working long shifts in healthcare. Hospitals can we cold and draughty in places, yet hot and stuffy in others. These lightweight tops are the perfect way to accommodate for these temperatura shifts, providing a snug, warm outer layer on those long, cold nightshifts!

We recommend that you consider a fleece one size bigger than you would normally use for a jacket. When worn over the top of your existing uniform, this will provide all the comfort of fleece, while still guaranteeing excellent freedom of movement.

Our catalog includes an impressive range of colours, including white, pink, red, blue, various shades of grey and more! Keep an eye out for new products as we are always adding new colours and ranges. We also love feedback from our customers, so and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see a colour you are looking for or have any other product suggestions.

One of the most exciting features of these fleeces is that they can be personalised. If you are wondering why this is so important, consider not only that, in a busy place of work you will be able to categorically identify the clothing as yours, but also that others will be more easily able to identify you by name and role. Two areas of customisation are available. On the back we can add a print including a specific job title and logo or other schematic graphic to identify the body you work with. We are, for example, able to add specific motifs for different practices, such as physiotherapy and veterinary staff. A name or other similar text can then also be added to the front of the jacket, where is can be seen at a glance.

Why not have some fun and experiment with our more casual and memorable prints! Try our designs for Star Wars, Friends, Harry Potter for example. We have many more in our library so why not get creative!

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