Compression Socks for Nurses

Our line of compression socks for nurses are excellent at alleviating the feeling of tiredness and discomfort in your legs during and after longer and demanding shifts.You may well have not known about these ingenious alternatives to normal socks, but for some time now, compression socks have become a valuable resource for fight attendants, athletes and any profession wheren you are required to spend long hours on you feet, including of course, nursing.

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Engineered to put some pressure on the lower legs, more specifically, from the ankle to the knee, they are used to promote blood circulation. As you will probably know, this helps to avoid muscular discomfort and fatigue. Additionally to providing extended hours of comfort while standing, they also help to prevent the appearance of varicose veins in the legs, so it’s a win-win!

At Enfermanía we are committed to providing you with style while you work. That's why we have such an extensive range of socks with fun and cheerful designs, both with and without nursing related motifs. Check them out, we are confident you will find a pair that will suit your every mood.

Made in Spain from cotton, natural rubber and lycra, they are of the finest quality. Each pair also comes packaged in its own Spanish made cotton bag, perfect for packing in a day bag or locker, or even to present as a gift!

Lastly, beyond all their ability to keep your legs light and active, even after long shifts, they are also made using moisture-wicking materials, ensuring excellent breathability. This has the added benefit of keeping your feet feeling dry and warm in the winter months, yet cool and fresh on those hotter days. You will certainly notice the difference with these Enfermanía compression socks - we sure do!

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