Stay warm and cozy with these comfortable ladies and unisex sweatshirts from Enfermanía. Perfect for relaxing at home, staying warm when on call, slipping on when nipping out for a coffee or when working in colder offices, these soft, loose fitting pullovers will bring a smile to your face even on a stressful day. Customisable by the highest quality screen printing, simply choose the design that suits you best from a collection of striking and lighthearted original illustrations designed by our authors. 

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Being comfortable and warm is so important to you state of mind and energy levels. Working in healthcare, in hospitals and clinics, can be demanding and exhausting. It is so important to keep energy levels high and take time to relax when you can. There is nothing more relaxing than slipping on a soft, cozy, warm sweater at the end of the day, or when the office or ward is a bit chilly. Warming the core with clothing takes the pressure off your bodies central heating systems, allowing them to relax and preserving energy for more important tasks.

These super soft, combed cotton jumpers are easy to wash and look great, thanks to the playful and colourful original illustrations that are printed in house using professional screen printing techniques, guaranteeing a lasting and faultless reproduction. Choose from a selection of exciting graphics that represent areas of medical practice, including physiotherapy, nursing, dentistry and surgery. 

Available in a various of sizes, dependent on the model, ranging from small, medium, large and extra large, you can be sure to find the perfect fit and look forward to kicking back, relaxing in style and comfort.

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