These popular laboratory coats and perfect for clinical scientists and practitioners. Worn by nurses, technicians and doctors, to name but a few, they are the garment of choice when hygiene is paramount, while projecting an air of professionalism and competence. Cut to fit men / unisex or woman these Enfermanía overcoats are comfortable, hard wearing and easily cleaned.

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The iconic and highly practical lab coat is, for good reason, required uniform for many in healthcare and the sciences. Typically left at the place of work and then easily donned over existing clothing, it is deigned to protect the wearer from contamination and also act and a barrier between their clothing and their working environment. 

Available in classic brilliant white and styled for straight gents / unisex or for more fitted for ladies, these one size fits all gowns importantly also feature large two hip pockets and a single breast pocket for carrying important implements and personal effects frequently needed by those conducting medical, laboratory, clinical and scientific work. Buttoned up the front and with long sleeves they are tailored to allow total freedom of movement, so important when working in care or clinical environments.

The microfibre gowns are so easy to keep clean and hygienic as the are washable at 90ºC, fast drying and do not require ironing. The polyester fabric is also liquid repellent, antibacterial and breathable making it the ideal material for healthcare garments. 

All Enfermanía lab coats can be optionally personalised by providing a name or other short text that we will them stitch embroider above the breast pocket, ensuring there is never any confusion over identity and ownership. 

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