Fun Nursing Clogs

Bored of the traditional white clogs? Get on board with the all new trendy and fun Enfermanía nursing clogs. Quality, comfortable clogs with stylish, original designs and prints to suit all tastes.

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Nursing clogs are an essential accessory. Cleanable, comfortable... where would we be without this form of slip-on footwear, especially during busy shifts when we can lose count of how far we've walked by the end of the day! The question is, why stop here?

If there's one thing that characterises nursing, it is having a passion for, and taking joy in the profession. At Enfermanía, we wanted to create a new section of nursing clogs that captures the all spirit of nursing and combines it with the fun and expression of exciting illustration.

What are they like? We consider them to be unique, cheerful and contemporary looking clogs.

You’ll be sure to find more than one surprise in our selection! Enfermanía are on a mission to add a touch of elegance and panache to nursing outfits. Let’s banish the basic white clog to history!

Find a style that suits your personality or expresses your mood and enjoy your footwear again. Our selection includes cosy lightweight rubber clogs, luxurious soft leather clogs, and much more... Most of all, however, there is acres of style, where original illustration and prints take centre stage. Go on, we dare you! Have some fun with your footwear...

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