Microfiber printed top - grinders
printed microfiber top
Microfiber printed top - grinders
dentist microfiber uniform

Microfiber printed top - grinders

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Water Repellent - Antimicrobial - Breathable. Dentist uniform and dental hygienist top. Dentist uniform.

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Dentist Uniform

This uniform represents a whole new level in dentist's attire. Built using an innovative antibacterial fabric, the robe is not only smart, it is inherently hygienic. The fabric is also hydrophobic, repelling liquids, ensuring the material remains clean and stain-free. But, best of all, the fabric is fast drying and does not require ironing!

Why choose this cloth microfiber?

Because they are all advantages !!

  • It is a tissue antibacterial
  • Repels liquids (spills on the outside will "slip")
  • Its special treatment makes a fabric very breathable
  • You do not need iron
  • Dries very fast
  • Washable to 90 º C (do not alter the colours or drawings)
  • Has tolerance to the splashes of bleach

This dismantles almost all of your beliefs about the microfiber right?...maybe you thought that it was a tissue with a little bit breathable or very delicate...

All of these features have been tested and certified to these garments by AITEX (Textile Technology Institute).

Do you need more reasons to decide to give it a try?

It is garments made in Spain, by a national company that takes care of all the details throughout the production process, to ensure the greatest satisfaction with the quality of the product.

Features of the smock:

* Unisex design
* V-neck with elegant cut oblícuo
* Two front pockets
* Side vents for maximum freedom of movement
* Available from size XS up to 3XL

(click here to see the table of sizes)

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