Pocket Organizer - Sweet
Pocket Organizer - Sweet
Pocket Organizer - Sweet
Pocket Organizer - Sweet
Pocket Organizer - Sweet
Pocket Organizer - Sweet

Pocket Organizer - Sweet

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Available in 3 colors to choose


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  • Lila Flamenco
  • Soft Pink
  • Soft Mint

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Practical accessory for your uniform and desktops.

It is a pocket organizer slightly magnetic (insert one of the flaps on the inside of your pocket and leave the other on the outside, will be connected by the magnet and prevent it from moving).

  • Contains several departments textiles for your pens, scissors...
  • It also has a comfortable compartment of the rack which allows you to see the contents, ideal for plugs of pathways and small accessories.
  • Includes elastic belt with button closure (perfect to carry the tape always to hand, passing through the hole in the roll).
  • Joining both flaps with the tape button, it becomes a practical organizer desktop (mounted on stand)

Perfect to keep everything organised and to hand!!

Made of durable polyester, with elastic elements, button closure and magnet inside (not visible).

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