Stamped Socks - Pharma
Stamped Socks - Pharma
Stamped Socks - Pharma

Stamped Socks - Pharma

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Funny socks in cotton, seamless and made in Spain!

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Call us or send us an email and we will help you.

Receives the product in 24h

Attention telephone
686 409 240

Free shipping on top orders to 49€

Short socks:

- Top quality combed cotton
- Made in Spain
- Packaging also made in Spain
- Two sizes ranging from 36-40 and 41-45
- They are made without seams for greater comfort
- The amount of elastane it carries is perfect to hold without tightening too much and the sock does not fall off


(For reasons of hygiene and to ensure the effectiveness of the garment, we do not accept returns of this product). Make sure you choose your correct size by referring to the box sizes displayed in the product images.

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