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Tourniquet (compressor) - Organs Col.

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Tourniquet of Nylon organs

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Introducing your new nurse compressor. Say hello to your new best ally.

We know what it is to be a nurse. You are on your feet all day and there are always more patients than you can handle. We also know that you want to be in the best mood while doing it. That is why we have created our new compressors: they are comfortable, beautiful and practical and they will brighten your day.

Tape elastic 25 mm wide, soft to the touch and very flexible.

Easy to fit and release with one hand.

Without any metal component.
Clip closure very robust and secure. Very easy to use.
Its simple handling allows you to tighten, loosen it and release it with one hand.

The hook at the end of the elastic strap serves as a stop for exiting the tape, allows you to keep it rolled up and also wear it hanging or to be the subject of your pocket.

Avoids trappings and pinching of skin and hair.


Manufactured in attractive and fun colors
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